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Products :: Accessories :: Cover for spare wheel KOALA LPG
Cover for spare wheel KOALA LPG

The cover is recommended particularly for cars with gas installation where the gas tank is fitted in the spare wheel recess. The cover protects both the spare wheel as well as the boot and luggage from being spoiled by the spare wheel. Made of a strong waterproof fabric, polyamide type. Provided with ventilation holes to assure correct air circulation inside the cover.

It is excellent to store seasonal tyres.
Professionally made.

Available colours: blue
Composition: PES
colour blue
dimension M art. number 5-3402-205-4010
nr EAN 5904898500831
dimension L art. number 5-3403-205-4010
nr EAN 5904898500848
Logistic details:
carton dimensions number of pieces per carton
weight 1 pc.
  570/395/310 20 0,23