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Products :: Anti-frost covers :: Anti-frost cover for windscreen wipers “Yeti”.
Anti-frost cover for windscreen wipers “Yeti”.

Practical wiper covers, effectively protecting windscreen wipers of a parked car against ice, snow and freezing to the windscreen. Very easy to set up (enough to slip on the wiper blades) and to take off.
They save time spent on stripping ice or snow from wipers. Also protects windshield wipers against damage that may arise when you tear away frozen , unprotected by the cover windscreen wipers. Reusable. Made of frost-resistant material. It is not freezing to the windscreen.
Package includes 2 covers.

Available colours:
Composition: PP
dimension uniwersalny art. number 5-3312-246-4010
nr EAN 5904898504358
Logistic details:
carton dimensions number of pieces per carton
weight 1 pc.
  570/395/310 100 0,10